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How to Choose a Good Electrician

Keeping your home electrical system safe and functional is a must, but when something isn’t right, you need to work with an expert to can effective solution. But with so many electricians to choose from, it can be difficult to determine who’s best for you.

Here are tips that can help you find quality help next time your home electrical system acts up:

License, Bond, and Insurance

Choosing a licensed, insured and bonded electrician is totally necessary. By doing so, you will be protected from the costs and stresses of dealing with accidental property damage or worker injuries while your project is ongoing.

The Team

Electricians usually work as a group of professionals with varying qualifications, such as master electricians and licensed journeyman electricians, and sometimes including apprentices. If there are going to be subcontractors, be sure to know the main guy in charge.

Qualifications and Certification

With certified electricians, you can be assured they have at least 3 years’ experience and provide a minimum work warranty offer of 12 months, if not a satisfaction guarantee in addition. Many electricians also now possess Diamond Certification, which signifies their commitment to providing the highest quality of technical performance and customer service.


If an electrician has been recommended by a family member or friend, they’re most likely a good pick. You can also look online for reviews on different electricians in your area, but stick to independent consumer websites (marketing websites usually reek of biases and feature fake reviews.


When you ask for an estimate, you get the chance to get to know the electrician and also obtain a quote before work begins. Take note that estimates and quotes should be provided for free, so if you encounter an electrician who wants you to pay for them, don’t proceed. With a high-quality electrician, you can get a price guarantee in writing, which means you will know at least the maximum amount you can spend on your project before work begins. This also means there will be no surprises when you receive their invoice.

Instant Availability

A good electrician will not make you wait when your electrical system is having issues. They know that you need the work done ASAP so you can return to your normal routine. There are even a lot of electricians who provide 24/7 emergency services.

It’s good that we enjoy a good number of electricians these days. For consumers, this is highly advantageous in terms of having several options and lots of room for comparisons. So instead of limiting yourself to just one prospect, consider at least two or three. It is only when you compare that you can actually confirm a certain electrician being the best choice for you.

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