Where to Find Businesses on Sale

If you’re interested in acquiring a business but do not know where to find the one that you’re exactly looking for, this article might be able to help you. There are actually a lot of business prospects but it pays to know where to find them.


You may consult brokerage companies. The brokers have a wide array of businesses that are on sale. Set an appointment with your chosen broker and discuss the specific details that you are looking for a business so he/ she may perfectly shortlist businesses options for you. It’s advisable to tap a local broker who has a tight grasp on the business in the preferred location. He/ she may also be able to give you tips when it comes to market trends in the area and even give you leads on some business that are still not listed.


Below is the list of recommended Businesses Buy Sell websites where a lot of businesses listings can be found.

  • ca – This is the largest online marketplace, with a lot of business listings. Existing small businesses, franchise opportunities, name it, they have it. Just use the filter when searching for the specific business you’re looking for and set email notifications in case of matching listings. You may also search for local brokers through this site.
  • com – From the name itself, this site focuses on new franchises that are put on sale. Unfortunately, they don’t make listings for existing franchises.
  • com – It gives a wide selection of existing businesses and new franchise opportunities for sale
  • com – If you’re eyeing international businesses, this is the perfect website for you. It features over 60k listing from 130 countries.
  • com – This website has over 17,000 listings from around the world. It concentrates on deals that are priced over $100,000.
  • com – This site features businesses with high-value deals. You may also search for real estate options, learn about the market trends, and find a broker through this site.
  • ExitAdviser – This assists small business owners in US and Canada to do a business sale transaction discreetly but efficiently. It has tools that can help the sellers set the valuation, and eventually sell the business.
  • GlobalBX – This is website that forms networks among buyers, sellers, and lenders in the US. All services rendered by this website are free of charge. It has been established since 2001.
  • comThis is a UK-based website starting with prints and upgrading to online listings starting 2002.

Some owners who are not that tech-savvy maximize newspapers and business publications to feature their businesses that are on sale.


You may also consult websites like and where discussions regarding sale of small businesses are done. You may form your network with other people joining the forums. These people may be your key to finding the perfect business that you are searching for. You may also do your search in digital newspapers where classified business ads can also be found.