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Security Options For A Public Event

Outdoor concert venues or other public events often become crowded, causing confusion and making it difficult to keep track of people who have attended an event. A person who oversees a public attraction can maintain a safe environment for patrons with the following event security options.

Brightly-Colored Wristbands

After people purchase tickets to an event, they can be supplied with paper or plastic wristbands. Wristbands should be brightly-colored so that they remain visible throughout an event. If some people choose to exit a public venue and reenter at a later time, they won’t need to worry about being charged another entrance fee.

If individuals who are not wearing wristbands are spotted by a staff member, they can be redirected to a ticket booth to pay entrance fees. If special privileges are offered when customers pay an additional fee, they can be provided with wristbands that are a unique color.

Fabric Lanyards

Lanyards that have a company name or picture printed on them can be given to employees. If employees are responsible for carrying keys, they can attach them to lanyards to prevent loss. Metal hooks can be secured to key rings so that keys can be secured to a lanyard.

Employees who have been instructed to carry identification cards while working can choose to secure cards to lanyards if it is more convenient for them. People who have attended an event will be able to identify employees by spotting lanyards. Lanyards can be laundered in a washing machine when desired and will not stretch or shrink.

Security Team

A team of security guards should be hired to assist with maintaining the safety of guests. Security guards should be provided with phones so that they can communicate with one another while working. If an altercation occurs at a public event, a security guard can contact their employer or co-workers to receive help.

Security guards can also monitor crowds to ensure that everyone is following rules that have been established for a particular venue. If individuals cause trouble during an event, a security guard can apprehend an individual and ask them to leave.