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Features of a Good Iontophoresis Device.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition where individual sweat profusely on their palms and feet and iontophoresis machine treats it. Hyperhidrosis patients experience too much sweating on their feet and palms which makes them feel uncomfortable.

To treat the condition, the patient is expected to place the affected area on the iontophoresis machine tray for about ten minutes to let the weak current stop the sweat glands from excreting too much sweat. The treatment is not one-off, and you get healed, but you necessitate to get the iontophoresis treatment for better results regularly.

The machine has an area with two trays here the affected areas are placed to receive the weak current and to stop the sweating.
Every patient is treated differently depending on the degree of sweat produced hence their treatment sessions may vary. The time taken to reduce the sweating is dependent on the extent of your perspiration.

The number of treatment sessions may be plus or minus ten which is considered a lot and for such individuals, it is advisable to acquire the machine and get the sessions in the comfort of their home. If you settle on getting the machine to use at home, then you may require getting some training on how to use the machine, and once you are equipped with the knowledge, you will be able to perform the treatment.

The iontophoresis machine is essential to give comfort and relief to patients suffering from hyperhidrosis, and hence you need to check the following important features of the machine during acquisition.

To begin with, consider the cost of the machine while comparing different suppliers and the features of the machine to ensure the cost is worthy. The cost of the device should be worth the services you will get, and it may cost you close to a thousand dollars.

As much as we all desire a cheaper machine, quality is paramount to ensure you get the best services. Your machine should have a durable battery to save on cost instead of the replaceable batteries.

Depending on your needs and desires, portability can be an extra feature to think about. If your schedule involves traveling and you may still necessitate the iontophoresis treatment, then you may need to purchase a compact device that can be portable to ensure you are comfortable wherever you go with dry palms and feet.

Consider the additional features of each type of iontophoresis machine; safety features are paramount to avoid shock as the machine uses electricity. You should purchase a machine that has extra features like a timer to time your drying sessions, durable battery to save on cost among others.

There are very many iontophoresis machine suppliers and you must work with a licensed supplier to ensure you get quality services. Consider the after-sales services offered by your preferred supplier and they should encompass, warranty and return policy among others.

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