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Nurse Case Managers: A Guide

Understand all you need to partake when injured to help in facilitating in making your medical claims as required. They should do this by getting the doctors medical prescription and also obtaining the necessary medical equipment. They can also achieve the medical compensation by making sure that they undergo the physical therapy in the hospital.

The the injured worker should best understand his limits and what is rightly his, that will help him to identify all the necessary actions he should undertake hen making the medical claims. After that, he/she should communicate with the patient about his prescribed medication and the necessary measures to be undertaken by the patient.

He should also ensure that the patient gets the right prescription for the medicine that was given by the doctor. The parties involved include the doctor, the injured worker, the employer and also the insurance company concerned.

The nurse case managers have all it takes to ensure that the patient is well cared for during the treatment process and also during making the medical claims.

A nurse case managers is highly experienced in the matters related to the social, vocational and also situational issues. The nurse case manager, therefore, serves the most important role in ensuring credibility and transparency.

How the patient is recovering should be well taken care of by the nurse case manager at all cost. By this, he will be able to take the necessary actions in order to alleviate the problem before it goes any further. They should also understand their limits and not to advocate for a patient when making negotiations.

By achieving this, the nurse case manager should be able to identify the medical services needed and also the arrangement of those services to be provided by the physician. Because they have experience on occupational health, medical management and discharge planning, they are in a position to facilitate the employee’s recovery and return to work.

Ensure that your legal obligations are perfectly met by the nurse case manager before any procedure is started. You should be allowed to attend the meeting held by your nurse case manager, the insurance company representative and your employer so that you can ensure credibility during the negotiation for your medical compensation.

You have a right, as an injured worker, to be provided with a written submission of your medical reports and also the response provided by the physician about your treatment. If you are not well conversant with the legal procedures because they are quite confusing, hire the workers compensation attorney to help guide you through the process.

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