6 Reasons Medan Is One OfIndonesia’s Underrated Destinations

Why You Need to VisitReason to Visit Medan is superbly home to Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the entire world. While planning my trip there, the only thing on my mind was getting to Toba’s clear blue waters. We touched down in Medan, a town on the cusp on modernisation. You’ll see crumbling colonial facades and street food vendors sitting right beside contemporary cafes and bars. The real intrigue of Medan however, lies away from its town.

Take a leap of faith and you’ll find that Medan can provide you close experiences to the nature of Sumatra. Here are six reasons why Medan is one of Indonesia’s underrated destinations.

1. It’s home to the largest volcanic lake in the world
Lake Toba is the biggest volcanic lake in the entire world. It’s also the website of a supervolcanic eruption that took place some 77,000 decades ago.
The largest known explosive eruption in the last 25 million decades, the Toba catastrophe is believed to have murdered most humans living during that time, causing a 3-5 degree worldwide decrease in temperature. Ash from Toba has been discovered as far as East Africa and the United States.
2. See the sunset over Lake Toba
If you, like me, have a soft spot for sunrises and sunsets, set aside one evening from the banks of Lake Toba. Ask your driver to park outside the Sukarno House at Parapat. It offers an elevated view of the lake, in the grounds of a beautiful colonial bungalow.
3. Walk the former residence of a Batak king
The indigenous Batak people practised cannibalism – usually as punishment for wrongdoers – before they discovered Christianity. Stop by Rumah Bolon, a well-preserved palace complicated to the former Simalungun Batak chiefs.The main longhouse was the king’s quarters – and a harem for his 22 wives. This website is a fascinating look into the Simalungun Batak culture.
4. Wander around Samosir Island
If time allows, take half a day to explore Samosir Island in the center of Lake Toba. It’s home to the Toba Batak people, who’re known for being fiercer than their other Batak counterparts. Visit Tomok Village and Ambarita Village, where remnants of the Toba Batak kingdom still endure.
5. Normally brewed ginger tea
En route to Sipiso-piso waterfall, stop by Simarjarunjung to get a cup of their signature warm ginger tea. Ginger tea has several health advantages, from improving digestion to strengthening immunity. Here you get a deadly brew of hot ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass and brown sugar.
Address: KecamatanDolokPardamean, North Sumatra, Indonesia
6. Visit Sipiso-piso waterfall
Sipiso-piso waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Indonesia, at a height of 800m above sea level. Water pours from a subterranean river into a deep gorge and you may admire the waterfall from an elevated height. Additionally you get a beautiful view of Lake Toba. In the event that you’re lucky, you even get to see a rainbow forming over the falls.